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BlackVue Truck Models

Dual and Triple-Channel Dashcams to Secure Trucks and Heavy Vehicles

The BlackVue Truck models are ideal to secure most large commercial trucks. The waterproof infrared rear camera connects to the front unit via a 15m (49ft) video cable. This allows to monitor not only the road behind, but also cargo loading and unloading operations.

Let your BlackVue protect your assets with its native Parking Mode support (hardwiring cable included).

With the free BlackVue Cloud service, check on your car from anywhere, anytime.

  • Main Unit
  • Front Camera
  • Rear IR Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • SOS Button
  • External GPS
  • Main unit cigarette lighter power cable (3p)
  • Camera connection cable (3EA)
  • Main unit hardwiring power cable (3p)
  • microSD card
  • microSD card reader
  • Quick start guide
  • Velcro strip
  • Pry tool
  • Main unit key
  • Allen wrench
  • Spare mount sticky pads
  • Screws
  • Cable clips (12EA)

K40 Electronics Platinum100 Portable Radar Detector for Cars, GPS, Voice Alerts, Long Range Detection, OLED Display, Advanced False Alert Filtering, Optional Wireless Remote Connectivity

The Platinum100 radar detector from K40 makes driving less stressful by giving you plenty of advance warning and long-range protection, plus built-in GPS technology for intelligent marking of known trouble spots, enforcement areas, and recurring false alerts. K40 knows you want a smooth journey so they outfitted the Platinum100 with high-performance parts (like a low-noise amplifier) and lightning-fast filters so you can enjoy your time on the road without distractions.

Detects all X, K, and Ka police radar bands, plus MRCD/CT

Laser detection

Low-noise amplifier (LNA) receiver boosts signal for long-range warning

Digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and MRCD/CT

Traffic Sensor Filter rejects alerts from roadside traffic flow sensors

Sensitivity modes: Highway, City, and AutoCity (speed-based)

K-Band Filter (KBF) rejects alerts from radar based safety features like collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control

Filtration modes: Highway, City, Filter, Auto-Filter (speed-based)

RDD Guard provides protection from radar detector detection (RDD)

25 programmable features

Mute, Extended Mute, and Auto Volume options

All Threat Mode

Escort Redline360C Laser Radar Detector – Extreme Range, AI Assisted Filtering, Rapid Response Times, 360 Degree Directional Awareness, Built-in WiFi, GPS Based, Escort Live App

Extreme Range – Two times longer range compared to the Redline EX, so you know exactly what’s ahead, behind and all around you. A powerful processor also provides 25 times the speed than the Redline EX, ensuring faster alerts than ever before.

AI Assisted Filtering – Leveraging features including GPS Autolearn, updateable IVT Filter, and Escort Live connected driver network, this radar detector provides exceptional accuracy against false alerts, ensuring you know what is a real threat.

360 Protection – Enjoy the feeling of complete protection with 360 degree directional awareness and TELIT GPS enabled location accuracy within 2.5 meters, and advanced stealth technology ensuring you’re invisible on the road.

Escort Live APP – Know what lies on the road ahead. Join our community of drivers and enthusiasts that share and receive over 100 million alerts every year – red light and speed camera locations, speed limits, live traffic updates and police radar.

Everything You Need – The Redline360C Escort radar detector comes with a convenient premium travel case for wherever the road takes you, a SmartCord USB (with AutoMute) for power, and a new EZ Mag Mount suction cup for easy installation.

Exclusive Triple-Antenna Design For 2x the Range Directional Alert Arrows Indicate Source of Threat Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology For 100% Undetectability AutoLearn® Technology Learns, Stores and Rejects False Alerts Fully Updatable IVT™ Filter To Reduce False Alerts from Collision Avoidance Systems Share & Receive Real-Time Alerts From the ESCORT Driving Community via ESCORT Live App Connected Car Wi-Fi Compatible For Live Software Updates & Instant Shared Alerts Defender® Database With Red-Light & Speed Camera Locations

Escort MAX 360 MKII Radar and Laser Detector Bluetooth Enabled, 360° Directional Arrows, Exceptional Range, Shared Alerts, Drive Smarter App, Black

50% Improved Range – Compared to the original MAX 360 model. Dual antennas increase detection range and sensitivity while the revamped M13 platform increases your level of protection against speeding tickets, helping you drive with peace of mind.

Faster Performance – The enhanced Blackfin DSP chip and advanced false alert filtering intelligence processes legitimate signals immediately so you are notified of the upcoming threats with plenty of time to react and adjust your speed.

True 360° Awareness – Detecting threats from all 4 directions, arrows provide true 360° awareness by immediately displaying the direction of the threat, allowing you to instantly know where your attention needs to be.

Dramatically Quieter Ride – Improve your overall situational awareness with the outstanding false alert filtering that helps effectively reduce CAS (Collision Avoidance System) and BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) along with other false radar signals.

AutoLearn Intelligence – Intelligent GPS based software learns your route after repeat trips. The GPS chip works in combination with the detector software, enabling the detector to reject false alerts from specific locations.

Shared Network Alerts – When investing in a high-performance police radar detector, you’re relying on technology to provide instant traffic reports. Get warnings of laser and radar alerts in advanced from other connected detectors.

• NEW front-and-rear radar receiver offers 360° ticket protection

• NEW threat-direction arrows report the direction an alert is coming from

• NEW magnetic mount allows for easy attachment and removal of unit from windshield bracket

• HD Performance identifies real threats sooner than any other detector, providing more advanced warning when you need it

• GPS location-based intelligence automatically locks out false alerts and allows you to mark locations for future reference

• Access to ESCORT’s DEFENDER Database, which warns you of verified speed traps, speed cameras and red light camera

• Built-In Bluetooth technology gives you access to ESCORT’s award-winning real-time ticket protection app, ESCORT Live!

ECCO 630 Back Up Alarm 107dB

ECCO 630 backup alarm. Voltage 12-36 VDC, Volume 107 db. 1.2 amps. Compact housing and rugged construction designed for demanding applications, reverse mounted speaker enhances sound and protects the alarm from dust and moisture ingress. Epoxy sealed against dust, moisture and vibration.

Made in the U.S.A. by ECCO, U.S. Patent # 5,315,288

Reverse mounted speaker enhances sound and protects speaker for longer life

Sealed in epoxy against dust, moisture and vibration

Steam cleanable and pressure washable

Universal mounting bracket with slotted holes

Voltage: 12-36

VDC Volume: 107

Amps: 1.2


Mobileye helps protect drivers with an ever-vigilant digital eye to monitor – in real time – potential dangers in their driving path. When a threat is detected, drivers are warned with visual and audible alerts prior to an incident. These few seconds can mean the difference between a devastating collision and an incident entirely avoided or far less severe.

Mobileye can be installed on nearly any vehicle, making your existing fleet safer. No need to wait for, or worry about, the purchase of new vehicles.

Mobileye, an Intel Company, is a global leader in advanced driver assistance solutions. Our technology has been integrated into hundreds of vehicle models for BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Volvo, and more. In fact, over 27 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW), including Urban FCW

Lane Departure Warning

Headway/Following Time Monitoring & Warning

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

Speed Limit Indicator

Double Din Radio 8 Inch Car Stereo with Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

QLED IPS Screen Car Stereo GPS Navigation System with Integrated global 4G Solution Built-in CarPlay & Android Auto & ROHM DSP TDA7708 Radio with RDS TDA7388 Amplifier USB Tethering Adaptive UI Support AHD Cameras

  • High-Resolution FLAC
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming Stream and Control your Favorite Music APPs
  • Bluetooth Hands-free
  • USB Port 1: CarPlay & Android Auto, 1.5A Charging
  • USB Port 2: Media & 1.5A Charging
  • Aux-In
  • Compatible with Audio Output of iPod/iPhone, Smartphones and MP3 players
  • A/V Input
  • Front & Rear Camera Input
  • Front, Rear, Sub Pre-Amp Outputs
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Single-DIN Fit
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Switchable US & EU Tuner Frequencies
  • RBDS Tuner
  • Steering Wheel Control Input (*Interface not included)
  • Update via USB
  • Multicolor Illumination

super fast charger

Beüler ® Type C+USB 3.0 Fast Charger Power Outlet For Smartphones and Tablets

• Type C and 18W PD for Apple Products

• Blue LED Volt Meter

• Quick Charge for Androids

• Connects to 12VDC

Platinum360 Front and Rear Radar Detection System.

It’s time to expect more from your radar detector and the company behind it. Your safety is the first thing we engineer into our products: No screen to distract you, no fumbling for controls. K40 puts control right at your fingertips, right where you want it.

In addition to utilizing K40’s new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver technology for greater range and sensitivity, this redesigned system gives you more customizable options than ever for your vehicle, your unique driving style, and your environment. The future is now, and K40’s newest technology makes this radar system the most reliable system you can buy, backed by a company that genuinely cares about your satisfaction.

You’re never alone when you drive with K40; our professional consultants can assist you at 800-323-5608. Our products and services are second to none. Drive safe. Drive Protected. Drive with K40.

  • The Latest Technology for Long Range Protection
  • The Platinum360 features evolutionary enhancements which inspire confidence that you are protected by the very best speeding ticket protection system available today.
  • All new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver technology that increases sensitivity and range.
  • A more powerful CPU for a more responsive system and greater customization capabilities.
  • Three I/O ports for current integration and future system expansion.
  • Directional Awareness
    The Platinum360 features front and rear LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receivers that provide maximum directional range and sensitivity. Custom installed alert LED’s and a hidden speaker let you know the specific band of police radar being used as well as whether the threat is in in front or behind you.
  • OEM-like Custom Installation
  • The Platinum360 retains the original factory appearance of your vehicle’s interior. A wireless remote control (or optional hard-wired Expert Control) along with strategically installed directional LED’s hidden in your dash and a hidden speaker make this system undetectable. You only know it’s there when you need it. RDD (radar detector detector) protection included so even the police won’t know you’re driving with a “ticket-free” co-pilot.
  • GPS Features
  • The Platinum 360 offers you full customizable GPS technology features such as:
  • Mark to Mute – Mute audible warnings of false, non-police radar locations you regularly travel past with a simple push of the MM button on your remote control.
  • Mark to Alert – Mark locations to alert such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red-light cameras by pressing the MA button.
  • Speed Monitor – Track your speed without taking your eyes off the road and be alerted if you exceed your pre-selected speed.
  • Quiet Ride – Mute all alerts under a pre-selected speed. Eliminates alerts when you are driving at or near the posted speed limit (Default setting is 20 mph).
  • Auto Filter – Sensitivity automatically adjusts to the optimum setting based on your vehicle’s speed. This “set it and forget it” option means you always have just the right amount of protection. Less sensitivity at lower speeds means less false alerts, and increased sensitivity at higher speeds means more time to slow down and avoid that ticket.
  • Advanced Filtering
  • The Platinum360 is packed with advanced filtering technology to make it the quietest and most dependable radar and laser defense system available today.
  • K-Band Filter – Automatically rejects false alerts from radar-based safety features like Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure Warning from other vehicles (including your own).
  • Traffic Sensor Filter – Rejects alerts from traffic flow sensors usually encountered during highway driving.
  • Ka-Band Filter – Enables filtration of non-police Ka-Band radar signals, e.g. other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands.
    Radar Band Selectivity
    The Platinum360 now offers you the option to choose specific band frequency ranges that you wish to be alerted to. Make the drive even quieter by honing in on specific frequency ranges used only by a police officer’s radar gun.
  • K-Band Narrow/Wide/Extended – Allows you to customize the frequency range of K-Band radar signals your system scans and alerts for.
  • Ka-Band Narrow/Wide – Allows you to customize the frequency range of Ka-Band radar signals your system scans and alerts for.
  • Integration-ready Custom-installed Radar Detector
  • The Platinum360 can integrate with ADS Maestro RR interface and select Kenwood/JVC® radios to provide a visual and touch on-screen experience through your infotainment display.
  • Optional K40 Laser Defuser® Protection
  • Become invisible to police laser guns. The Platinum360, combined with the combat power of Laser Defuser transponders, delivers the ultimate in bumper-to-bumper speeding ticket protection.

Universal Cruise Control System by Rostra

Rostra’s cruise control switches have been designed with the highest level of quality and have been tested and validated for use with the 250-1223 universal cruise control system. Please note that we do not recommend using any other brand of cruise control switch with a Rostra Global Cruise system as doing so may result in unintended cruise control operation, and invalidates any warranty provided with your cruise control system.

Rostra Cruise Controls are manufactured in the U.S.A. by the company that pioneered the development of cruise control technology.

Designed to work with any vehicle incorporating the use of a mechanically-operated throttle, a Rostra Universal Cruise offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to adding a cruise control system to your vehicle. Whether you’re restoring a classic hot-rod, prepping the family minivan for holiday traveling or looking to save on the cost of fuel for your motorhome, a universal cruise control from Rostra is the only way to go!

Fleet Vehicle Speed Limiters


Your company drivers have a lead foot when they’re behind the wheel of your vehicles. This can not only result in citations being issued to your drivers but can potentially cause an increase in your insurance premiums, excessive wear and tear on the vehicle, elevated fuel usage and overall cost of vehicle maintenance.


Vehicle speed-limiting modules with pre-programmed maximum driving speeds are now available from Rostra Accessories. These modules are vehicle-specific and once connected to the throttle control system, they will not allow a driver to accelerate past a specific speed. As well, these modules are tamper-proof and their maximum set speed cannot be altered by the driver in any way once programmed. Such a device can be uniquely useful in the following situations:

In the vehicles of first-time drivers

On large construction sites

In cities with multiple school zones

In large vehicle fleets with multiple drivers

In parks with low speed limits

In rental vehicles

Ride N Remind Car Alarm - Back Seat Reminder System - Baby Car Seat Reminder Alarm


Vehicle car alarm is automatically activated upon the rear door opening and closing. If the baby sits on the back seat and you ignored the sound, then after 40 seconds your car’s horn automatically will alert you to check back seat.



Baby reminder car seat alarm is a great helper for parents to remind the babies. It reminds you of your sleeping baby, pet or any other valuable thing in the car with sounds when you forget them. It prevents you forgetting baby in car.


The voice reminder prevents a tragedy of losing your lovely child or pet by being left in a parked car. Have peace of mind with car seat reminder because it provides you a fully satisfaction with guarantee. Perfect for Child Day Care compliant.


This car alarm is perfect for your pet and baby or any other thing. The baby reminder alarm for cars work anywhere you want. Ride N Remind is safe to use with babies, offers added reliance and peace of mind when traveling with your baby.

heated seats

3-position control switch (High/Low/Off)

Rapid heat-up time. Feel comfort in less than one minute.

Separate temperature sensors for seat’s bottom and back.

Continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating.

Locking harness ends for secure connections.

Hi-temp adhesive secures heating pads to seat foam.

5-terminal relay included for stable power supply.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter Socket Car

cigarette lighter bezel provides a tight, secure fit that deters removal by children and prevents accidental shock.

Manufactured from high-quality materials for long-lasting durability

Universal design for many different applications

A necessary safety item for keeping children from inserting their fingers and/or material items into the cigarette lighter receptacle

Rain Guard Window Deflectors

Nothing beats opening your windows for some fresh air while you’re cruising down the street – except when it’s hot, raining, or snowing. A side window drip guard (a.k.a. Vent Visor), however, allows you to keep your windows cracked so you can enjoy free-flowing air year-round, regardless of the weather.

JDM Smoked Window Visors.

Make of High Quality Material

Allow You To Roll Down The Window During Rain/Snow Weather To Get Fresh Air and To Defrog The Glass

Help Reduce Heat Buildup In The Parked Vehicles By Allowing Air in During Rainny Weather

Long Lasting Material Designed To Withstand The Rigors Of The Elements.

Comes With 3M Automotive-Grade Tapes.

Dramatically Improve Styling & Appearance.

This is not in-channel style item.

H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

Upgrade halogen headlights with the H11 HLV8 Series LED headlights. The 6500K headlights deliver 2,200 lumens per bulb and are equipped with an internal driver for simplified installation, eliminating extra accessories. The integrated heatsinks in the aluminum housing provide a compact fanless design and optimal temperature control.

Compatible with H9 and H11 base types

Durable aluminum housing

Plug-and-play installation

300° x 290° beam

IP65 waterproof rating

5-year warranty

Viper 3305V LCD 2-Way Security System

Viper is proud to introduce our most affordable 2-Way security system, which will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, Revenger® six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry. Comes with one 2-Way and one 1-Way remote.

  • Up to 1/4 mile range
  • 3-channel Security and keyless entry system
  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
  • Revenger® Six-Tone Siren
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Parking Light Flash
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill
  • Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
  • Dome Light Supervision – On-Board Relay
  • Comfort Closure
  • Includes 1-Way companion remote

Viper DS4 Remote Start System

Viper DS4 is a remote start system that features FREE Bluetooth vehicle control and vehicle status with the Viper SmartStart mobile app. Remotely start, lock, or unlock your vehicle from your smartphone within range up to 150 feet*. Does not require a Viper SmartStart Service Plan.


  • Professional installation under-the-dash


  • Security Alarm alert with siren to deter criminal activity
  • Delivery of alert notifications over push, text, or email


  • Viper SmartStart app (Version 4.0 or newer release)
  • Cellular**
  • 4G LTE/3G in United States, Mexico, and Canada (vehicle location)


  • Bluetooth – up to 150 feet
  • Global** – anywhere in the world your cellphone works!

Vehicle Control

  • Remote Start
  • Lock, Unlock
  • Trunk, Panic, Aux
  • Convertible Top
  • Runtime Remaining
  • Vehicle Status
  • Doors
  • Engine
  • Hood
  • Ignition
  • Locks
  • Panic
  • Security
  • Trunk
  • Other

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

SmartSchedule Includes:

  • Viper DS4V System Module
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Universal Wiring Harnesses
  • Quick Reference Guide

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Bluetooth Car Adapter MP3 Player FM Transmitter, Hands-Free Calling, Dual USB Ports (5V/2.4A & 1A), LED Screen, Support SD/TF Card USB Flash Drive

⚡【2 USB PORTS & SAFE CHARGING】Supports charging 2 devices simultaneously with overcharge protection. One USB port(5V/1A) with music icon can read USB disk, another USB charging port(5V/2.4A) efficiently gets your smart device fully charged. Enjoy in-car stereo streaming and charge smart phones at the same time. 

【3 MUSIC PLAY MODES】This FM transmitter for car can stream clear stereo music freely in 3 ways–A. Bluetooth Connection; B. USB Flash Disk (≤32G); C. TF Card (≤32G), Supports MP3/WMA/FLAC/WAV/APE format.

【HANDS-FREE CALLS】Built-in microphone with echo cancellation and noise suppression (CVC) technology, this Bluetooth FM transmitter provides an amazing hands-free function; Answer/Reject/Hand up/Redial calls all in one multifunction button; Automatically switch to hands-free mode from music playing status when coming calls.

【WIDE COMPATIBLITY】FM transmitter can be paired with all Bluetooth enabled devices, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Android Smartphones.

RAM® Laptop Mount

The RAM® Laptop Mount for the Ford Transit Full Size Van features a heavy-duty steel mounting base custom designed to fit this vehicle perfectly. Using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points, existing hardware is used to secure the laptop mount base in the vehicle. The included RAM® Tough-Tray™ is spring loaded to accommodate 10″ to 17″ laptops. The tray features four adjustable retaining arms with rubber grip feature. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally, enabling a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and access to ports or drives. Because of their unique and patented ability to absorb damaging shock and vibration, the RAM® Tough-Tray™ is the ideal choice for securing computers, tablets, and electronics of any type.

Custom laptop vehicle mount designed

Dual articulating swing arm allows for ideal placement; universal laptop tray accommodates most laptops

Made of powder-coated steel and marine-grade aluminum

Backed by a lifetime warranty

RAM® For Tablets

The RAP-B-378-UN8U consists of a flex adhesive base with 1″ ball, double socket arm and universal spring loaded X-Grip® cradle for 7″-8″ tablets. Using a PSA stick pad, put the flex adhesive mount practically anywhere you want to keep your portable electronics easy to see and always within your reach. Designed with a very small foot print, finding a home on your scooter, motorcycle, kayak, boat or vehicle dash is easy. The mount is designed with a RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm; this allowing for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. The spring loaded X-Grip® cradle expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your 7″-8″ tablet. Included are extra easy access grip knobs, located on the back of the cradle for quick release of your tablet. The X-Grip® includes a device tether recommended for outdoor applications. The cradle is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.

Viper 4706V LCD 2-Way Remote Start/Keyless Entry System

Responder LC3 – the 3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

  • Priority Icon Map with LCD Display
  • 1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Priority icon map with LCD display
  • Flex relay and selectable light flash polarity
  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
  • Manual transmission compatible
  • Onboard remote start relays
  • Up to 1 Mile Range

Viper 4806V LED 2-Way Remote Start System

Viper’s elegant new Responder LE transceivers mark a giant leap forward in 21st century remote start, and an evolutionary milestone for the keychain remote. These slender & sophisticated 2-Way remote controls feature a clean sleek ergonomic industrial design, made to fit the user’s hand comfortably, enabling effortless and intuitive single-handed operation as Brilliant LEDs confirm your commands.

  • Extreme 1 mile 2-Way range
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • LED command confirmation
  • Flex relay and selectable light flash polarity
  • Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
  • Simple new universal icons
  • Fully charged in less than an hour
  • Charge lasts more than six months
  • TempCheck using Brilliant LEDs – check the vehicle temperature using the hidden LEDs on the remote
  • Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile sensation
  • Manual Transmission remote start enabled
  • Onboard remote start relays

24" Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Tube Arm, Black

24″ long heavy-duty flexible gooseneck tube arm, very stiff, black silicone covering. SUPPORTS 1-3/4 lbs. fully extended in the horizontal (weakest) orientation. Each end is fitted with a sturdy adapter featuring 3/8″-24 (24 threads per inch) female threads and slot cuts for tightening with a wrench. 4mm set screw on each end adapter and 2mm Allen wrench included. Roll back the silicone covering as shown to expose the slot cuts and set screw hole. Weight: 1.55 lb.

• LENGTH OPTIONS: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25 or 30 inches (length is approximate)

• TOP FITTING: 3/8-18 x .500″ NPSM male thread, supplied with rectangular plate (1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″)

• BASE FITTING: 3/8-18 x .500″ NPSM male thread, supplied with triangular plate (2″ x 3″)

• OUTSIDE DIAMETER: .675″ actual arm diameter before vinyl covering, .730″

Overhead DVD Player

The Pyle Vehicle Flip-Down Display Screen 

– Roof Mount Monitor with 1080p Support, HDMI/USB/Micro SD/IR/FM Transmitter (17.3’’ -inch Display) 

– Universal Vehicle Mount Overhead Display 

– Car Video Entertainment System 

– Convenient Flip-Down Screen Access 

– Hi-Res LCD Wide-Screen Video 

– Full HD 1080p Support

– HDMI Input 

– Built-in Stereo Speakers 

– Front Panel Button Controls 

– USB Flash & TF Memory Card Readers 

– Connect Additional Device via RCA (Audio/Video) Wiring Harness 

– Built-in IR Transmitter for Wireless IR Headphone Use 

– FM Transmitter

  • Universal Vehicle Mount Overhead Display
  • Car Video Entertainment System
  • Convenient Flip-Down Screen Access
  • Hi-Res LCD Wide-Screen Video
  • Full HD 1080p Support
    HDMI Input
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
    Front Panel Button Controls
  • USB Flash & TF Memory Card Readers
  • Connect Additional Device via RCA (Audio/Video) Wiring Harness
  • Built-in IR Transmitter for Wireless IR Headphone Use
  • FM Transmitter

Car Headrest DVD Player HD Digital Adjustable Car Screen 1080P Video

Slot-Load DVD drive】Bring all your favorite DVD movies to the car and enjoy them by pulling directly without a loading tray, neat and convenient. Compatible Format: AVI / DVD / DVD+R / DVD-R / DVD+RW / DVD-RW / MP3 / CD / CD-RW / JPEG

【Excellence in Comfort 9 Inch】The 9” high resolution monitors are the perfect choice for visual experience from different rear seat angles. And the easy to use touch buttons are most convenient to control your system. Make selections and adjust settings by clicking on the buttons.

【BUILT-IN HDMI PORT】Integrate your mobile phone, Xbox or Switch, etc. So you can enjoy your games on a big 9 Inch screen in your vehicle. Also, your movies and music on your phone can be shared with everyone you are traveling with.

【Detachable Zipper Flap Cover in High Quality】Removable Flap Cover keeps to the streamlined form of the headrest and protect your headrest DVD player while not in your vehicle, as stylish as it is convenient and safe.

9 Inch Comfortable Viewing Screen

Easy to Use Touch Buttons

Anti-theft Zipper Design and Detachable Cover

Built-in HDMI Input Port

SLot Load Disc Drive Compatible Format: AVI/DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG

USB/SD Max Compatibility: 32G

USB/SD Compatible Video Formats: AVI, DIVX, 3GP, VOB, MPEG, MP4, and XVID

Compatible Audio Format: MP3, WMA, AAC

Vehicle Signal Booster

Wherever you go, keep your devices connected with the help of the WeBoost Drive 5G-X Cellular Signal-Booster Kit. It offers good 5g network connectivity, fast video streaming, and quick mobile internet in remote and urban areas.

With the help of WeBoost, multiple people can connect and enjoy strong connections anytime, anywhere. Also, its easy and hassle-free setup feature makes it more user-friendly.

  • Boosts Cellular Signals.
  • Enhances Talk, Text, and Internet.
  • Works on All US Cellular Devices.
  • Works with All Carriers.
  • Ideal for Passenger Cars/SUVs.
  • Fast Network.
  • Multiuser Wireless Booster.