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Rain Guard Window Deflectors

Nothing beats opening your windows for some fresh air while you’re cruising down the street – except when it’s hot, raining, or snowing. A side window drip guard (a.k.a. Vent Visor), however, allows you to keep your windows cracked so you can enjoy free-flowing air year-round, regardless of the weather.

JDM Smoked Window Visors.

Make of High Quality Material

Allow You To Roll Down The Window During Rain/Snow Weather To Get Fresh Air and To Defrog The Glass

Help Reduce Heat Buildup In The Parked Vehicles By Allowing Air in During Rainny Weather

Long Lasting Material Designed To Withstand The Rigors Of The Elements.

Comes With 3M Automotive-Grade Tapes.

Dramatically Improve Styling & Appearance.

This is not in-channel style item.

H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

Upgrade halogen headlights with the H11 HLV8 Series LED headlights. The 6500K headlights deliver 2,200 lumens per bulb and are equipped with an internal driver for simplified installation, eliminating extra accessories. The integrated heatsinks in the aluminum housing provide a compact fanless design and optimal temperature control.

Compatible with H9 and H11 base types

Durable aluminum housing

Plug-and-play installation

300° x 290° beam

IP65 waterproof rating

5-year warranty