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Inview 360° HD around vehicle monotoring system

The inView 360° HD is an Around-Vehicle Monitoring System that helps eliminate blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus.

By seamlessly merging together 4 (or 6) camera images, it creates a complete overhead image of a vehicle and its surroundings.

The RVS-02-360 can now be equipped with up to 6 Full HD ultra-wide fish-eye cameras, perfect for really long vehicles over 40′ or to provide driver/cargo coverage.

The inView 360 HD system has a built-in DVR supporting H.264 video format. The system supports up to 4 solid-state SD cards in the ECU with a maximum total capacity of 1 TB.

Use the 360° view to assist with parking, check blind spots, or navigate narrow roads. A truly HD system, the RVS-02-360 easily integrates with our 7” or 10” HD monitor.

These monitors can be configured to automatically shut off based on the vehicle speed to minimize distraction. The system comes with a G-Sensor (built-in) and an external GPS receiver. The RVS-02-360 supports the use of a graphic overlay (outrigger) for large vehicles such as fire trucks and wide commercial vehicles. The extent of the outrigger is configurable. This versatile system can also be connected directly from the ECU to a Mobile DVR as a single channel.

Integrate our 6-sensor system into the inView 360° HD for audible and visual proximity alerts when backing up, parking, or seeking clearance.

  • Four cameras come standard to provide Around-Vehicle Monitoring & full perimeter Bird’s-Eye View
  • Add on 2 cameras for extra long vehicles (40′ or more) for Bird’s-Eye View or for driver/cargo views
  • Auto-calibration dramatically cuts down setup time
  • Out-of-the-box recording records onto 4 solid-state SD Cards (1TB total capacity)
  • 1080P video output via 7″ or 10″ HD monitor
  • Automatic trigger switch (reverse/left/right/front)
  • Customizable on-screen overlay for outrigger vehicles

Geotab GO Device

Keep your fleet safe, productive and profitable with one integrated platform

Your fleet includes multiple vehicle types, drivers, assets and data that you need to manage towards operational excellence. Geotab simplifies every step of your journey to total fleet digitisation. Securely consolidate data from multiple sources into one agnostic platform that delivers the insights you need to build a better business.

A vast amount of data can be processed and analyzed with a telematics device and other connected hardware or sensors, such as:

Position (GPS)

Vehicle speed

Trip distance/time

Idling time

Harsh braking and driving

Seat belt use

Fuel consumption

Vehicle faults

Battery voltage, and other engine data.