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Inview 360° HD around vehicle monotoring system

The inView 360° HD is an Around-Vehicle Monitoring System that helps eliminate blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360° view around the apparatus.

By seamlessly merging together 4 (or 6) camera images, it creates a complete overhead image of a vehicle and its surroundings.

The RVS-02-360 can now be equipped with up to 6 Full HD ultra-wide fish-eye cameras, perfect for really long vehicles over 40′ or to provide driver/cargo coverage.

The inView 360 HD system has a built-in DVR supporting H.264 video format. The system supports up to 4 solid-state SD cards in the ECU with a maximum total capacity of 1 TB.

Use the 360° view to assist with parking, check blind spots, or navigate narrow roads. A truly HD system, the RVS-02-360 easily integrates with our 7” or 10” HD monitor.

These monitors can be configured to automatically shut off based on the vehicle speed to minimize distraction. The system comes with a G-Sensor (built-in) and an external GPS receiver. The RVS-02-360 supports the use of a graphic overlay (outrigger) for large vehicles such as fire trucks and wide commercial vehicles. The extent of the outrigger is configurable. This versatile system can also be connected directly from the ECU to a Mobile DVR as a single channel.

Integrate our 6-sensor system into the inView 360° HD for audible and visual proximity alerts when backing up, parking, or seeking clearance.

  • Four cameras come standard to provide Around-Vehicle Monitoring & full perimeter Bird’s-Eye View
  • Add on 2 cameras for extra long vehicles (40′ or more) for Bird’s-Eye View or for driver/cargo views
  • Auto-calibration dramatically cuts down setup time
  • Out-of-the-box recording records onto 4 solid-state SD Cards (1TB total capacity)
  • 1080P video output via 7″ or 10″ HD monitor
  • Automatic trigger switch (reverse/left/right/front)
  • Customizable on-screen overlay for outrigger vehicles

Geotab GO Device

Keep your fleet safe, productive and profitable with one integrated platform

Your fleet includes multiple vehicle types, drivers, assets and data that you need to manage towards operational excellence. Geotab simplifies every step of your journey to total fleet digitisation. Securely consolidate data from multiple sources into one agnostic platform that delivers the insights you need to build a better business.

A vast amount of data can be processed and analyzed with a telematics device and other connected hardware or sensors, such as:

Position (GPS)

Vehicle speed

Trip distance/time

Idling time

Harsh braking and driving

Seat belt use

Fuel consumption

Vehicle faults

Battery voltage, and other engine data.

Rosco DV6 HD Video Recorder

Rosco’s new DV6 captures and processes full HD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options. It generates in-cab alerts for drivers when risky behaviors are detected, and provides data for fleet managers to help monitor safety trends over time.

2 built-in HD cameras for recording with up to 6 camera views.

Full HD resolution cameras, both individually capable of 1080p or 720p with up to 30 FPS. Real-time live streaming from either lens to see the driver and the road ahead.

IR LEDs for night vision.

Microphone for in-cab sound recording (on/off function).

Continuous video and event recorder with laser-focused accuracy to detect events like G-shock, speeding, driver panic button, and AI/DMS events of cellphone footage, drowsiness, and critical distraction.

128GB SD card standard local storage, scalable to 1TB and 2,000 hours maximum. Event videos transmitted to RoscoLive Cloud are stored for 1 year.

Driver ID feature for RoscoLive allows fleet managers to easily identify drivers and understand driver behavior.

Built-in 4G modem for connection to ROSCOLive® Cloud Services.

Locking mechanisms to secure microSD card, SIM, and camera angles.

Embedded Driver Management System (DMS) to detect risky behaviors such as phone use, drowsiness, and distractions for meaningful driver events.

Road-facing AI features for the latest in collision avoidance technology.

Tested and proven by the most stringent, heavy-duty vehicle environmental vibration standards like SAE J1455 REV MAR2017.

Tamperproof security fasteners to protect camera mounting angle to bracket, camera lens adjustment, and access panel with power connectors and SD card.

AI-12 Dash Cam

The AI-12 system, brings you the most advanced reporting features currently available in the video dash camera market. With HD video and cutting-edge data management programming, you can outfit your fleet with the peace of mind you need, without the expensive data costs or overages.

Improve safety with real-time alerts from harsh driving incidents.

Reduce accidents with AI detecting distracted drivers.

Reduce claims & insurance cost with live video evidence stored in the cloud.

Improve operation visibility with on-demand video footage retrieval.

Engaging employees in improving safety with data on driving behavior.

Provide instant assistance and assess damages from the field in real-time with live-video.

Personalized drivers training based on the driver’s driving style with data on each driver.

Integrated seamlessly with the Geotab cloud platform, displaying vehicle video at your fingertips.

High definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras.

IR for clear night vision in cabin.

Built in sensors and cameras powered by AI and Computer Vision.

Streamline video simultaneously from the road and driver.

Built-in speaker and display for voice and visual coaching.

On – demand video retrievals and live view from Geotab cloud.

Turn any Geotab rule into a video event.

OEM Black Vinyl Dual Passenger Seat

Brand new 36 inch quick release, 2 passenger double seat removed from a 2022 Ford Transit. The position for this double seat in the Ford Transit is compatible with all rows where a 36″ double seat is accepted. The placement of this seat is on the driver side. Dimensions of this double seat are approximately 36″ x 21″ x 46″. Both seat positions have the rear child seat anchors & adjustable head rests. This seat will fit all Ford Transits produced from the years 2015-2023, except for the Transit Connect. The color listed for this seat is black, but if you look carefully at the pictures you’ll notice the seat is more two tone. The body of the seat is black but in the middle of the backrest and on the seat is a charcoal color.



Shelving Features

Strong, Quiet, Secure

With 16 gauge side panels and 18 gauge shelving, our shelves are built to take a beating. With a number of strength enhancing features, these shelves can withstand power tools, heavy parts and just about anything you can throw at them. Our folded steel shelf lip is the strongest in the industry.

With gusseted leg supports and weldnut attachments, we are so confident that every shelf comes with a structural warranty. We’ve designed our backing plates to be rattle free keeping the inside of your van quiet. And our strong mounting hardware you are worry free from our shelves ever breaking free.

Heavy Lance Support Technology

Adjustable Shelf Lips

Contoured top design

Covered Steel Back Panels

Shelving accessories & addons

Powder Coated for Heavy duty Use

Thick Gauge steel

Mounting Brackets to walls & bolts to floor for mobile transport stability


This solid partition provides security for the cargo area and protects valuable tools and cargo.

Requires wing kit

18 gauge steel, hemmed and embossed to provide extra strength, security and reduce noise.

Corner contoured to prevent reaching in from the cab to unlock side door.

Optional tight compression center panel door latch handle and lock kit

Quick and easy installation.

Matte powder coating minimizes glare and resists scratches and chipping.

Multiple partition attachment points and rubber cushioned door frame prevents noise.


Security window screens add another layer of security to protect your valuables. Window screens are coated with a gray powder coat finish. These window screens are easy to assemble and come with all the hardware needed to install them.

strong 7 gauge wire frame and grid

Powder coated no-glare matte gray

Steel construction

Automatic door step

The power step automatically deploys as the door opens and closes, emerging and retracting even on extreme slopes. The power step is fully enclosed and features a weatherproof, non-skid surface, and can be fully submerged in water. The power step is designed to fit under all doors and is available in a range of sizes. The polyurethane power step has a capacity to withstand up to 1100lbs of weight. The power step operates in an extreme range of temperatures from -22 degrees to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Our steps incorporate an electronic circuit protection, electronic limit protection, and overload protection.

Electronic limit protection Overload protection

Step width – 670; 1000; 1200 (mm)

Step depth – 300 mm

Anti Slip polyurethane cover

Protection – IP68 (waterproof)

Direction of rotation – L/R

Electronic Control Unit

Automatic Electronic control Unit

Electronic circuit protection

Air Conditioning system

This system contains all the components for providing air-conditioning in a single unit – condenser and evaporator in one – to be mounted on the roof of the vehicle.

Rear Door Access Ladder

The rear door access ladder provides easy, safe access to items stored on the cargo van roof. Users can easily maintain the standard three points of contact when climbing or descending this ladder. It securely attaches to the cargo van rear door without drilling thereby avoiding any damage to the bodywork and maintaining the vehicle’s integrity. Its lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction is designed to last. Available in standard bright anodized aluminum or optional black anodized aluminum finish – not only does this access ladder promote safety, its trendy design provides a professional image to fleets or users of any kind.

Running Boards

iBoard, by APS is a new generation of running boards designed to look and feel different. Most running boards in the market are round or oval. iBoard’s flat profile design is clean and modern – giving your truck a truly distinct look. The iBoard’s low profile design is so unique even your dealer will be asking you where you got them from.

The iBoard’s Stainless Steel and heavy duty brackets can support up to 500 lbs without bending. The iBoard is sturdy, comfortable, and durable. Its ridged non-slip top provides a solid, non slip and continuous footing along the entire length of the bar. Which means these running boards will give you unparalleled access to your truck’s windshield, roof top and truck bed.

Most DIYers will find the iBoard incredibly easy to install. Even people who aren’t otherwise mechanically inclined have installed these running boards in under an hour. Installation instructions, brackets, and all the required hardware are included in your package. Don’t hold back from installing these yourself. Cleaning them is even easier, just give them a good wash with the garden hose and they will look good as new. This sure beats having to spray or oil down stainless steel running boards that require delicate non abrasive cleaners.

Cargo Area Van Mat

Protects against scratches, spills, and stains

This durable 3/16″ thick heavy duty rubber mat features a raised diamond anti-skid surface that prevents loads from shifting while protecting the floor of your vehicle. Mats come custom trimmed to fit your vehicle wall to wall, around the wheel wells, starting at the rear floor trim to just behind the base of the driver and passenger seats.

Floor Mount Slide Arm Drawer Units

Floor Mount Slide Arm Drawer Units are made of heavy-duty steel and come with a choice of three drawer configurations (4, 6, or 8 drawers). Slide arm-supported drawers open and close easily, even when fully extended. Internal stop keeps drawers in place while providing easy access with a “one finger” release. Padlock (not included) can easily be added for security.

Security Hasp & Cylinder Lock

Cylinder Shield resists attack, prying, and cutting.

All Cylinder Locks are sold individually

The ultimate protection for your van! This heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant security hasp lock with Cylinder Shield and Cylinder Lock gives your van maximum protection against theft. This door lock hasp is constructed of heavy gauge hardened steel and has a 6 pin Pro Series cylinder lock design. The hasp lock, with its unique Cylinder Shield, is constructed of commercial grade steel with a corrosion resistant plated finish. All hardware included. Hasp and Cylinder Lock sold separately.

advanced fleet lock fob system

*Fleet safety control Fob system, with wireless capability, includes 3 outside Fob readers and one inside Fob reader next to the key. It works with HID and RFID technology. It also includes the system builted out organized on a board with two bypass keys 3000.00 (3000.00 is a start-up package, additional options are required!)

-Option 1, Engine Enable/Disable with ID Fob swipe 2,500.00. (Through enabling the key)

-Option 2, doors lock Relock & unlock with ID Fob swipe, with the capability to adjust relock time for 1-60 Minute 3,000.00

-option 3, On Seen or Hospital, Safety Mode (some call it Shabbos switch) 2400.00 (When the driver door is opened, It automatically enters in safety mode , and the driver will have to swipe Fob to enable shift out of park.)

optional wireless router for vehicles live connection to server, So it can be updated and controlled from Computer or phone, 500.00 ( If you already have a wireless solution, you can skip this option)

Optional, to upgrade system to NFC ID,s and reader, recommend for system integrity. additional 1,000.00 (This option prevents unwanted elements to make copies from the standard fobs) Fleet discounts are available,